Created by medical students for medical students, QUPI is the largest question
bank on the market. Using cutting edge technology, we make it easy and fun for you
to practice for course tests and licensing exams like the USMLE. Just build a quiz
based on what you want to practice, and enjoy!

Our story

Even the best medical students often fail exams like the USMLE or MCCQE because, even though they study hard, they don’t practice in a way which actually helps them come exam time. QUPI exists to solve this problem by making it easy and fun for you to practice your medical knowledge. When you use QUPI, you know what you’re studying is relevant for your exams.

But that’s just the start: QUPI isn’t just a medical school question bank. Together, we are leading a global revolution in medical education. The world is desperately short of doctors. By providing educational content and software, QUPI are trying to change the world. Join us, and let’s change medical education for the better!

QUPI Facts

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The World’s Largest User Generated Medical Question Bank with Over 10,000 Unique Practice Questions. And growing!


Our mission

More and more Medical universities are using the National Board Medical Examiners (NBME) and the United States Medical Licensing Examination or USMLE exams. We want to bring the need for affordable price and great quality.

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Affordable way to
achieve the dream

With a 30 day money back guarantee, we believe in allowing users to see the value of our database before being completely committed to our services.

Meet QUPI team


Damian Ratajczak

CEO and Co-Founder
A tech-savvy business pro, Damian is passionate about creating innovative solutions to old problems. Damian loves meeting medical students in his home town of Poznan, Poland, and exploring new ways technology can help them succeed.

Izabela Szymczak

CFO and Co-Founder
Izabela Szymczak spent fives years in the Middle East, working for UNESCO in Jordan and becoming fluent in Arabic. Having managed education projects in Poland and worked for the Polish Ministry of Education, Izabela brings a wealth of experience to the QUPI team. She is currently based in California.
j.t.madicus avatar

J. T. Madicus

Co-Founder and Brand-Ambassador
J. T. Madicus is the creator, founder and chairman of QUPI.com, the world’s largest medical question bank. With over 10,000 practice questions and a cutting edge, customizable interface, QUPI helps thousands of medical students from the United States to India and Europe practice their medical knowledge, pass their exams and become doctors.

Nathan Thomas

Nathan published his first article at the age of 11 in his local newspaper. Since then his work as a ghostwriter has appeared in Forbes, The Huffington Post and the Harvard Business Review. He helps QUPI connect to their audience and increase their impact through email and social media.

Ziya Aktig

Dr Ziya Aktig is a graduate of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague where he held teaching assistant positions in the Institute Of Physiology and the Institute of Histology and Embryology. Ziya is passionate about teaching and education. As a global citizen – he holds four passports – Ziya is excited to be part of the international team at QUPI and to support medical students around the world.
michaela varys

Micheala Varys

A graduate of First Faculty of Medicine at Prague’s Charles University, Michaela was appointed President of the local Rotaract club and also served as head of the student body’s charitable organization. While working as a teaching assistant for histology and physiology, she helped to create new virtual microscopy software to enhance the learning process. Naturally, we thought Michaela would be a perfect fit for the QUPI team!

Mohamed Abouzid

B.Pharm, M.Sc., Pharm.D., Ph.D.
Mohamed Abouzid has a Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. He is a Clinical Researcher specialised in Clinical Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacotherapy. Currently, as a Ph.D. candidate at Poznan University of Medical Science, Mohamed’s expertise in pharmacology and his first-hand experience of medicine and scientific education in Europe, North America and North Africa provide valuable insights to the QUPI team.
dr kohei yamada

Kohei Yamada

Dr. Kohei Yamada graduated from Charles University, First Faculty of Medicine in Prague, where he was awarded a bursary for outstanding progress in studies. A newly qualified doctor who has experienced the UK, EU and American licensing boards, Kohei is passionate about how the latest technology can be applied both in medicine and in medical education. As the representative of QUPI he supports students around the world to rediscover their passion and pass medical school with confidence.

Lasse Hodne

Dr. Lasse Hodne M.D. is a Norwegian doctor and a graduate of Poznan University of Medical Science. During his time as a student in Poland, Lasse frequently mentored younger students from his home country and in recognition of this was appointed as a spokesman for the Norwegian Medical Association. He believes that compassion is a doctor’s number one asset, and that the future of medical learning is digital. Lasse currently works at Kristiansand Hospital.
sowmya thottambeti profile

Sowmya Thottambeti

UX/UI Advisor
Sowmya Thottambeti has constantly excelled at whatever she puts her mind to. A precocious international student in Poland and Finland, a charismatic presence in film and media, an insightful UX designer and now a consultant with QUPI, Sowmya combines an outgoing nature with an analytical mind. Her intelligence and energy will continue pushing QUPI forward.

Tommy J Griffiths

Tommy J Griffiths is a British model currently studying Public Communication in Poland. A student of Russian and English philology with a passion for language and travel, Tommy uses is communication skills and international background to spread the word about QUPI to a wider audience. His enthusiasm and energy make him a valuable addition to the QUPI team.

Alise Visocka

Dr Alise Visocka is a Graduate of Riga Stradiņš University of Medicine. Originally from Latvia, Alise has visited multiple international conferences, completed an internship in Osaka, Japan, and managed education focused projects for the Latvian Medical Students Association.
bentlej nije avatar

Bentley Nije

Texas born Bentley Njie has traveled the length and breadth of the United States talking with medical students and doctors to find insights on how to improve medical education. A graduate of Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Bentley is passionate about improving the daily lives of medical students the world over. His approach is to absorb knowledge from multiple source and synthesise this into practical solutions that students can apply not just at school, but also across the entirety of their lives.

Katrina Skraba

Medical Student
Katrina Skraba is a medical student in her final year of studies at Poznan University of Medical Sciences. Originally from Canada, she considers herself a lifelong learner with a passion for medicine and she strives to help other students to achieve their academic goals through online-based learning. With plans to practice medicine in the UK, Katrina is dedicated to ensuring that other international students are equipped with the proper support and resources to become successful applicants and future doctors!

Adediran Adelekan

Medical Student
Adediran Adelekan qualifies as a doctor in 2020. In addition to his MD, he also holds masters degrees in Business (MBA) and Public Administration (MPA). Adediran’s extensive entrepreneurial, business and startup experiences includes stints with Be You App (Barcelona), and Axis BlueShield (Dusseldorf). He is an active alumni of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), which has given him exposure to several innovation and technology campuses, incubators, contacts and accelerators. In 2018, Adediran was selected for the Procter and Gamble CEO Challenge Finalist Award. A versatile team player with a dynamic skill-set, Adediran brings his broad range of business and scientific talents to the QUPI team.



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