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How Qupi Helps You Pass Your Exams

Of course! We know that for American medical students, the USMLE is the big one. We’ve taken great care to select questions that are specifically relevant for this exam, not only in terms of the content, but also in terms of the style of question that you’ll be asked. This means that when the big day of your exam comes, thanks to QUPI you’ll already be familiar with the style, and will be able to tackle the USML with confidence.

QUPI has questions covering all levels of medical education, from before you enter medical school right up until you take your final licensing exam. Most QUPI users are already at medical school, however many students believe in getting the best possible preparation right from the start. If you’re studying for the MCAT, you’ll find QUPI a useful and relevant tool to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to pass.

If you want to practice medicine in Canada, you’re going to need to practice the MCCQE. While there are unique aspects to this exam, the core competencies required by the licensing board overlap to a large extent with America’s USML and Britain’s PLAB/MLA exams. QUPI is a results focused platform, meaning we take into account the requirements of these exams so the questions that you are practicing are directly relevant in both content and style.

Yes! QUPI has many users in the United Kingdom, and the British licensing requirements are constantly taken into account as we are curating and updating our library of 10,000 practice questions. With one of our original founders from Edinburgh and members of our advisory board from across Europe, we are constantly tapped into developments in the world of medical exams, and make it our priority to ensure that our practice questions give you what you need to practice your medical knowledge and tackle the exams with confidence.

The majority of QUPI users are based in the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, however we have members of our advisory board who have studied medicine across the globe, broadening our relevance and base of knowledge to regions as diverse as the Caribbean Islands, India and China. While requirements for specific exams do vary, medical core competencies broadly remain the same worldwide. After all, a medical fact is a medical fact, regardless of whether you’re in Seattle or Shanghai! Using QUPI, you will be able to practice your medical knowledge in a fun and compelling environment, giving you confidence for your exams.

To give you the most up to date and relevant practice questions, we gather our content from a wide range of difference sources. This includes our large team of advisors which is comprised of both qualifying doctors from around the world, as well as medical students who are still undergoing their studies. This combinations combines both the authority of doctors who have already qualified, with the “in the trenches” relevance of medical students who know exactly what is or is not useful for your studies. We also incorporate user submitted questions into our database, pending review from our expert panel. This means that QUPI’s users around the world contribute to our question bank and keep it constantly up to date and growing organically.

In most countries, qualifying as a doctor requires you to display competence in 12 core medical disciplines, which include: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Behavioral Science, Pharmacology, Histology, Immunology, Microbiology, Neurology, Physiology, Pharmacology, Pathology & Pathophysiology. QUPI has hundreds of unique questions covering each of these 12 topics, specifically calibrated based on the kinds of questions that normally come up in medical licensing exams such as the USMLE.

QUPI’s main feature is our carefully curated and constantly updated question bank. With over 10,000 practice questions, you’ll find it easy and fun to practice your medical knowledge – all you need is a computer and an internet connection! But QUPI is not just a platform, we’re an international community of medical students and doctors passionate about medical education. With our blog, newsletter and educational videos we aim to demystify medical knowledge and give anyone with the passion and drive the resources they need to become a doctor.

Members of our advisory board have studied and graduated from many of the most prestigious medical universities around the world, and we’re proud to have been invited to speak and at a number of major university events across Europe, including the Royal Medical Society National Student Conference in Edinburgh and the International Medical Students Conference in Cracow, Poland. We don’t have exclusive partnerships with any medical university at present, and continue to be open to further collaboration with institutions who share our mission to help medical students become doctors.

About the Platform and Your Subscription

Yes – our new custom quiz feature means you can zero in on the medical disciplines and body systems that you want to focus on, and adjust the difficulty level based on where you are in your studies.

Yes – we know that exams have strict time limits, and we want you to be able to study under the same conditions and gain confidence, so we’ve added a feature that allows you to set specific time limits for your quiz.

During the development of the Qupi medical question bank, we extensively tested the platform with medical students from around the world. We received feedback from over 8,000 students who participated in focus groups and provided helpful comments to improve the platform, resulting in the largest and most feature rich question bank on the market.

We have made friends in numerous Medical Universities across Europe, the UK and in the United States. We are also partners with several medical societies and healthcare organisations throughout the UK, Mainland Europe, the USA, and Australia.

The standard subscription is for 12 months, but we also have monthly plans available for students who want to “dip their feet in the water.” See our pricing page for a full range of options.

Of course – but we’re sure you won’t need! If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with QUPI, just contact us within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund, no questions ask.

The database currently has 10,000+ questions for you to practice with. With new questions added daily, we’re the world’s largest medical student question bank.



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