How QUPI Helps You Pass the Prescribing Safety Exam (PSA)


Medical schools in the United Kingdom may require you to take the Prescribing Safety Exam which assesses your ability to correctly and safely prescribe medicine. Naturally, it is essential for the health of your patients that you prescribe the correct medicine for a certain condition, and are aware of the side effects, conditions, consequences, and other considerations you have to keep in mind when prescribing medicine safely.

Safe prescribing is, fundamentally, about knowledge of illness and medicine. This is exactly what QUPI is about too. With the ability to customize your quiz to focus on the discipline and subject matter that is most relevant to you, QUPI will help you practice your medical knowledge so you can take the PSA with confidence.

To see for yourself how we can help you pass the Prescribing Safety Exam, take QUPI for a free spin today:



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