How QUPI Helps You Pass The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE)

The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) is an essential step towards becoming licensed to practice medicine in Canada. It contains two phases, the first of which is a multiple-choice exam with almost 200 questions (196 questions, to be exact!). The MCCQE has been called the Canadian equivalent of the USMLE.

QUPI is a medical question bank containing close to 10,000 practice questions, many of which were selected and created specifically because of their relevance to licensing exams including the MCCQE. With the power to customize your quiz in QUPI to hone-in on the discipline and subject matter that is most important to you, you will be able to easily that practice quizzes that will help you prepare for and pass the MCCQE.

Not only does QUPI help you practice the medical knowledge you need to pass the test since part one of the MCCQE is multiple-choice, but QUPI will also help you increase your confidence in this exam format so that when exam day rolls around all the knowledge you have acquired will be easily at your fingertips.

To see for yourself how we can help you pass the MCCQUE and become a doctor, take QUPI for a free spin today:



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