How to prepare for a medical interview?

How to prepare for a medical interview?

Here at the QUPI website, you will find all of the latest news and guides designed by medical students to help other medical students. We know the struggle that medical school can be, especially if you’re not equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to make your studying more efficient – trust us, we wish we had known everything we’re writing about now during our university years!


However, you don’t have to struggle as we did – we are here to help! On our blog, you will find a wide variety of helpful content, including tips and tricks on how to pass some of the hardest medical exams around the world, professional advice on efficient learning techniques, as well as all of the latest discoveries in the medical world. Sounds promising? Keep on reading to find out more about our mission!

We want you to pass!

Our world needs more medical professionals, especially in current times of turmoil. However, just because the need is greater doesn’t mean that passing medical school is easier. While many medical students complain about the insane level of difficulty they have been met with at the university – it is, unfortunately, necessary. After all, future doctors will be saving patients’ lives, and even a small mistake can make a difference between life and death. However, that doesn’t mean that medical school needs to be a chore – on the contrary, it can be fun and enjoyable!


Don’t believe us? We invite you to read through the articles on our blog, where we post all of the latest medical tips that will help you maintain a proper study-work balance. With some proper know-how, you will be able to lower the number of hours needed for learning and revising while improving your memory and information retention, making your study time much more efficient. To find out more about the latest trends in learning at medical schools, make sure to closely follow our blog.

Prepare for your exams with QUPI

Our blog also contains a number of articles about specific medical examinations around the world, including some of the most renowned ones like the MRCP, MCCQE, USMLE, MCAT, and more. Our articles contain detailed descriptions of exam formulas, which will show you what you can expect on the faithful day of the exam. Knowing the formula is already half the success, as it allows you to properly prepare and understand what specifically you need to study. For example, a practical examination requires a different studying approach than a simple written test.


To help you even further in preparation for that difficult exam, we recommend you use the QUPI app. QUPI is an advanced medical question data bank, containing over 10,000 questions, sorted into specific categories, and designed with medical examinations in mind. Using QUPI, you can create your own practice quizzes with precisely the questions you’re going to need. Using the information from our blog in combination with the QUPI app gives you a powerful tool that will allow you to nail any medical exam thrown at you and pass it with flying colours!

Learn how to become a doctor with QUPI

Here at the QUPI blog, you will find regularly updated content that will help you on your way to becoming a medical professional. Even if you are not a medical student just yet, we might have something that may help you. Our articles include informative guides that will show you how to properly choose a medical school and what to look for in a perfect medical university. There, you will find various pros and cons, as well as things to consider when searching for your future alma mater.


Many potential students feel discouraged when thinking about admitting to a medical school – mainly because they are either too expensive or too difficult to get into. However, there are ways to counteract those difficulties. There are many scholarships that can lower your tuition fee and even cancel it entirely – sometimes, there might be even something left to help you pay your bills and rent! When it comes to admission tests – there is a wide variety of them, some of them standardized and other school-specific. For the standardized ones, you will find specific tips on our blog, and for the rest – make sure to apply our general learning tricks and techniques and, with some hard work, you will have no problems in getting admitted.

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