5 Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad

You decided to study medicine, that’s great! However, studying medicine is challenging anywhere (at least that’s what I’ve heard) so, why don’t you do it in another country by considering all the additional benefits it brings?

  If you are not yet convinced whether or not leaving everything behind and flying out to get your medical degree, I’ve listed my top 5 reasons to study medicine abroad.   Without further ado, here you go:  

1) Get to know yourself

By living abroad you’ll figure out, more than ever before, your strengths and weaknesses (not only when it comes to medical studies but in general).  
Blue eyes behind a book

Get to know yourself

2) Polish up your language

Do you remember perfectly that foreign language you learned at school? Me neither. By studying medicine abroad, you’ll surely brush up on it.  
talking doctors - study medicine

Polish up your language

3) Study differently

Often those studying abroad experience a new way of learning. Both the international atmosphere and your foreign classmates would influence this.  
medicine students practising - study medicine

Study differently

4) Be independent

It’s not easy being independent… but it definitely pays off! Speed up the transition from teenager to adult by being adventurous and exploring the world while studying.  
woman jumping from a tree - study medicine

Be independent

 Are you overwhelmed by all your medical learning material? There's an easier way - learn more

5) Make good friends

You may not be loved by everyone you meet (surprise, surprise!) but chances are high for you to find mates who will make your medical journey way more pleasant.  
students sitting on the grass - study medicine

Make good friends

  If you can think of any other reason why one should go study medicine abroad or agree/disagree with this list of mine, feel free to leave your comments below.   Good luck to you all, Doctors to be!

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