7 Tips to Study and solve Medical Questions Easily

All med students face early in their career the issue of studying effectively. To give you some guidance, we have prepared the 7 tips to study and solve medical questions easily. We hope this information is useful on your journey of studying medicine.


7. Get a hand on Medical Questions on old Tests

Practicing will make you master medical questions. That’s why it is an excellent idea to get a hand on medical questions on old tests. You can use them to prepare for your test. There are two approaches to using these tests. You can either answer them as if it was a real test simulation or go on each of the medical questions, writing the answer and checking the results. Both options have advantages. The first will let you prepare for the real thing. The second is going to give you the chance to remember more details of the medical questions. Combine both approaches, depending on how prepared you feel at the time.


6. Unpack your Etymologies Classes

When you prepare to solve medical questions, you will notice that most of them are related to concepts about the human body. Greek and Latin are the two languages from where most of the medical terms are coming. Unpack what you know about these languages. Then, relate the roots to the definition and find the logic to it. You will remember definitions and terms easier when you think of it linked to Greek and Latin.


5. Beware of Distractions

Distractions are common nowadays. Whenever you start your study session, turn off your phone and focus on your medical questions. Your gadgets are not going to add value to your education, and they will just take away precious minutes. Also, by multitasking, you are just dividing your attention and reducing your chances of actual concentration on your study. Create a habit of shutting down distractions, and reserve the study time for just studying. Eventually, your friends and family are going to get used to it. Even you will not miss the constant buzz of the world on your tips.

4. Advice about Coffee

Coffee and any other drug will have the ability to improve your performance, but just for a while. If you are thinking long-term on your medical questions, and your overall career, do not abuse coffee or any other drug. There are side effects, and the worse is that you can get dependence to it. That would be counterproductive. Save coffee for the real periods in which you need an extra effort. For example, use it only for the hardest tests when you need to make longer your day to practice medical questions. That way you will get the most of it without the side effects.


3. A good night of Sleep

A good night of sleep is a good idea every night. Don’t let your workload eat those precious hours. Your medical questions will be there in the morning. If you organize your schedule wisely, you will get proper rest. That way you can get your best performance. Otherwise, you will eventually break.

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2. Teamwork while Studying

Do not underestimate how powerful collaboration can be as you are working on medical questions. Remember that you are not alone. Creating a group for studying is a very good idea to share and retain medical questions easier. Make your team study sessions very interactive. By sharing with others, you will remember the hard stuff much easier. Other people might have a better understanding of some topics and can help to explain you in easy words. On the other hand, you will have some valuable explanations made simple as well. Your medical questions will be easier to target as a team.


1. Assign Priorities

A good advice is to assign priorities when you are studying to answer medical questions. The things that are on top of your priority list are things you can learn right away. Take 5 to 10 minutes on those matters. Other things you should put for later. If possible, set aside the topics that you can work on teams. Once everything is organized and prioritized, it will not look so intimidating.

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