A New Chapter in Medical Education

A New Chapter in Medical Education

“All good thrillers start with a bang. A gunshot. An explosion. A beautiful woman. But on the day this saga begins, I wake to the sound of a knock on the front door. Three loud thumps that rip me from an uneasy sleep. I have no friends … as far as I remember. People dislike me, but few hate me enough to come knocking in person at such an ungodly hour of noon. A shot of whiskey sits on my nightstand. Life is short, so why not start the day with a proper breakfast? I down the whiskey in one swig. There can only be one person knocking at this hour.”

This isn’t how your average medical textbook begins. We didn’t set out to create an average medical textbook. Final Diagnosis is different. Following the story of a functioning alcoholic medical genius who is kidnapped and taken to Europe, this is a thriller novel that also contains real-world medical insight and fact.

Story Is the Most Powerful Way to Teach.

Ever wondered why you struggle to remember what you learned in class as recently as last week, but when Game of Thrones was on, you found it easy to remember the incredibly complex web of character relationships and intrigue that spanned the entire eight seasons? That is because as humans, we are evolutionarily hard-winned to learn through stories. Sitting around the fireside and listening to an elder share stories was the OG lecture, the fireside the original lecture hall.

However, modern education in its obsession with rote-learning and exams has lost track of its roots. And we all suffer for this. With the Final Diagnosisnovel series, we are working hard to put the storytelling back into education. Our mission is to make studying easy, fun and maybe even a little bit addictive, the same way a good novel or TV series should be! Working alongside the team from QUPI, author J. T. Madicus has used his experience as a YouTube personality and advocate for modernisation of medical education to craft a thriller novel that entertains as it educates. But…

…This Isn’t Just for Medical Students

When J. T. Madicus set out to write “No Second Chances,” the first book in the Final Diagnosis series, medical students were the key audience in mind. But as the plot developed, the characters began to take on lives of their own. The plot developed its own pace, its own rhythm, and soon a whole new world was created within the novel — a land of danger, suspense, romance and intrigue that anyone — medical student or not — will find captivating. After showing the early manuscript to a few people and receiving rave reviews, we decided that this novel deserves to be shared with the world at large.

This is why we are not restricting the launch to our community of medical student fans and followers. Instead, we are running an open Kickstarter campaign, giving you the chance to be among the first in the world to get your hands on the completed novel, and learn about Dr Tseng’s adventures.

The Kickstarter campaign begins September 1. But watch this space, as we’ll be bringing you some sneak-peaks of the novel’s contents over the next few weeks.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/finaldiagnosisfans/

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