How to Approach ECG Quiz for Nurses

An ECG quiz for nurses are questions based on an electrocardiogram. ECG is medical tests that are done to detect any heart problem by simply measuring electrical activity produced as the heart contracts. ECGs tests from healthy hearts have a similar shape. However, different ECG shape depicts a heart problem. Nurses study ECG in order to carry out the tests.

How to prepare for an ECG quiz

ECG questions are quite complex. You will need to do a thorough study on the same. Doing an ECG quiz regularly will sharpen your skills considerably. In order to pass an ECG quiz, there are a number of areas you have to pay attention such as;

Learn the basic of ECG tests

An ECG test is only done when one shows certain symptoms for instance chest pain, dizziness, fast or irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath and chest pain. ECGs are performed regularly with the aim of monitoring the health of persons who have been found to have heart problems.

Study the ECG procedure

It is not necessary to prohibit people from taking food and drink before they have undergone an ECG test. Once the patients, come for an ECG test, ensure that the patient removes the upper clothing. This is to enable electrodes to be connected to their chest as well as the limbs. As a nurse, ensure that the selected sites of the patient are shaved if need be. Electrodes are connected to the arms, chest as well as the legs with the use of sticky gel or suction cups. The electrodes literally detect electrical currents that are produced by the heart. They are measured and also recorded using electrocardiograph.

Are you overwhelmed by all your medical learning material? There's an easier way - learn moreIdentify the three types of ECG

There are three key types of ECG. They include;

  • Resting ECG

    ; during the test, the patient has to lie down and they are not allowed to make any movement. This is because the electrical impulses that are produced by the other muscles may tend to interfere with electrical impulses produced by the heart. This type of ECG test takes roughly five to ten minutes.

  • Ambulatory ECG

    An ECG quiz for the nurses are likely to ask you a question on ambulatory ECG. You may not handle that without the knowledge of how the test is carried out. As a matter of fact, this test is carried out using a mobile recording device. It is usually won for roughly 24 hours. The nurse is liable of moving around normally as the monitor is still attached.

  • Cardiac stress test 

    This test is meant to record the ECG of a person as t hey walk on a treadmill or an exercise bike. This type of test takes roughly 15 to 30 minutes to end.

  • Learn how to treat the patient after an ECG procedure

Once you have completed the procedure, ensure that you remove the electrodes. The ECG is free from pain as well as non-invasive.

Check the possible ECG complication

This procedure is safe and does not have any risks. Not to mention that it does not transfer electric current to the body. However, during the process, an individual may be sensitive or even allergic to the electrodes that cause reddening of the local skin.

Finally, the above are the basics covered in an ECG quiz for nurses. Once you have the general information there is no reason why you should not pass the quiz. Practicing the quiz will improve your knowledge of ECG considerably. Do as much study as possible on ECG and no question will challenge you.

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