Areas Covered in Medical Assistant Practice Test


Medical Assistant Practice Test is meant to assess how ready you are to handle the medical assistant certification exam. Of course, this exam calls for seriousness and ample practice. Medical Assistant certifications are provided by the American Medical Technologist, American Association of Medical Assistant as well as the National Center for Competency Testing. The certifications provided by these prominent organizations are accepted countrywide. Medical assistant exams` subject matter falls into three subject areas, for instance, administrative knowledge, clinical knowledge, and general knowledge. Medical Assistant Practice Test is only offered to prepare for the main exam.

Areas covered by the Medical Assistant Practice Test

These tests are aimed at sharpening your medical skills so that you can become a reliable medical assistant in time to come. As a result, the test will concentrate on certain areas as;

Diagnostic tests

Being a medical assistant means you are willing to do anything to assist the patient including testing the patient in order to establish the cause and condition of their illness. In that case, there is much to know about the procedure of the test, for instance, the precaution measure when doing the test. There are a number of other protocols meant to enhance the accuracy of the test results. Medical Assistant is expected to do everything in his power to save the patient’s life and ensure that they are safe. In that case, the practice test may ask you to describe the diagnostic test procedure and the safety measure that one should take.

Law and ethics

A medical office operates in regard to the knowledge of right and wrong. There are several laws that have been put in place to safeguard the right of each and every person, for instance, the practitioners, support panel, and the patients. Rules dictating who has been assigned a specific job or task. As a result, the practice test asks you question regarding the same. If by any case you did not know the answer to the question, you will pay attention to this area during your revision. That way you will handle the actual medical assistant exam with ease.

Anatomy and physiology

Most responsibilities of the medical assistant need basic knowledge of the body and how it operates. Not to mention that you will be needed to know how the interactions of various body systems as well as the disease that is likely to attack each body part. The practice test will provide you with questions about anatomy and physiology to assess how much you know in regard to these areas.

Communication and psychology

A medical assistant major role is interacting with people. In that case, general understanding of human psychology may be so important. You can only come to terms with the patient`s state of mind by keenly paying attention to what they have to say and then integrating that with the knowledge you have about typical psychological responses to the events of life. In addition, you are to communicate vital information in a way that enhances active listening from the patient. With that said, the practice test is meant to assess your understanding of the impact of communication and psychology in the medical assistant field.


At times you may be required to take a blood test from the patient due to a number of reasons.  There are several variables in the blood collection process that is likely to interfere with the results as well as the importance of the sample. In that case, the practice tests are meant to assess whether you have knowledge about site selection as well as the process of collecting blood for multiple diverse tubes. The questions asked are to assess your ability to store the blood sample and to label correctly.

Avery medical assistant should be in a position to provide correct answers to the medical assistant practice test based on the major areas covered in medical assistant training.

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