MCQ a Multiple Choice Questions Test

An Overlap Of Multiple Choice Questions Test

As the name suggests, it is known as an MCQ test because it requires that the students chose from a wide variety of answers. Sometimes, the MCQ tests involved are not even questions but the variety of choices is still provided.

Advantages of the MCQ test

Though quite different from most of the tests, it has plenty of advantages, among them-

  • Ensures that all the aspects of the study are tested even when questions are not provided.
  • Allows the examiner to see into the mind of the test taker. This is because different choices will tend to point to a different aspect of the test taker’s character or mindset.
  • Validates the learning experience as the learner is completely tested because the test is very comprehensive.

How to outsmart any MCQ test

It is important to note that studying is the most efficient way to pass any exam. However, occasionally, you will study and find that the examiner decided to test on general knowledge. This does not mean that you have to fail. You can outsmart the test and increase your chances of passing the test.

Outsmarting a test needs skills. Here are some of the skills you need to outsmart an MCQ test

  • Eliminate the most different answers

All answers tend to have a particular pattern. This applies even for randomized answers. This art works in the following steps;

  1. Eliminate the answer that is very different from the rest. The most distant answer is usually wrong.
  2. Try to figure out the meaning of all the words. It helps, as this is the most crucial part of the elimination.
  3. Look at the other answers closely and eliminate the ones that have an almost similar meaning. Remember a question can only have one answer.
  4. The remaining answers just need a close look and an educated guess. If you know the meaning of the words, you can easily get the right one. One will have a tell sign either showing it is the right one or pleading you drop it like yesterday.
  • Give the longest answer a good chance.

The right answer is always right in all aspects. This means it takes into consideration everything from the wording to terminologies and even sentence structure. All these factors tend to make the right answer relatively long compared to the others. Always take a careful look at the longest answer first and you can see whether it is worth the while.

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  • What are the answers to the preceding and subsequent questions?

Examiner tends to ensure that the answers are not in any particular sequence. One way is making sure they do not follow each other alphabetically. This means if the previous answer is A and the subsequent answer is C, it is almost impossible for the answer you are looking for to be B. you can start by eliminating that one and then use other methods to eliminate the rest until only one is left.

  • Avoid referring to myths you have heard before

Previous, you have obviously heard some myths about guessing. Some will say that you should always guess the middle answer or close your eyes and choose the one that your finger points first. Ignore all these myths and take an educated and calculated guess.

Though the test might be thought quite difficult and time-consuming, it is very essential. It allows even the learners to grade themselves, as it is intense. Good thing you now know how to handle the MCQ test, in case you have not studied enough or the examiner decides to test on general knowledge.


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