Nathan Thomas interview with CEO Damian Ratajczak

Damian Ratajczak from has met Nathan Thomas while working in one of the atmospheric Poznań’s cafe. After they talked a bit, they quickly figured that one of them is a great performing journalist and the other is managing an exciting startup.

There was no way they could not record this meeting! Here we present the highlights.

Transcription below:

0:00 Hello and welcome to Poznan, Poland. 0:03 My name is Nathan. I’m from New Zealand 0:05 and I’ve met young gentleman called Damian, 0:07 who is telling mi about his startup company. 0:10 And I though you might be quite interested to hear 0:12 what is it all about. So Damian, nice to meet you! 0:15 Tell us about your business. What does it do? 0:18 Qupi is a startup for medical students 0:21 and it helps them practice their knowledge 0:23 – Ok 0:24 So, how does it help them practice their knowledge? 0:26 What does it have? 0:28 Because Qupi is a database and we have 6,000 questions right now, 0:31 but we aim for 10,000 by the launch. 0:34 They have multiple choice questions that help them practice. 0:38 Alright! And it helps medical students practice for examinations? 0:41 Yes 0:42 What makes Qupi special in this world? Why should we care about you? 0:46 Why are you the best? 0:48 Ok, so there are three main points. 0:50 First point is that we are the largest medical question bank. 0:53 By the launch we will have 10,000 questions and then we will have more. 0:58 Second point is that we are the most affordable, 1:02 so spening money on us it’s the wise choice. 1:05 And the third point is that we are a small company, 1:09 so we want students to participate. 1:11 They can submit us questions and tell us how to become better. 1:16 So, you really want students to get involved 1:19 and be part of creating the questions for the community. 1:21 Exactly! 1:22 We would love to have people engaged in our project. 1:24 We want something that is good for them. 1:28 What made you want to start this company? 1:30 My partners. 1:31 Because we were thinking about creating something good, 1:34 changing the world. 1:36 Ok! And when does this happen? 1:38 When do you launch? 1:39 It was a year ago that we started, but we launch on the 1st of August. 1:44 Alright, but already you have trial users? 1:47 Yes, 3,500 users at the moment. 1:50 So you have 3,500 users already, before you even really gone live? 1:54 Exactly. 1:54 That’s really exciting! 1:55 Yes! This is very exciting! 1:57 I mean, even first 100 users was so exciting for us. 2:02 I remember that moment, when you get your first ever user. 2:04 That’s when you really know like this is real! 2:06 This is real and you feel like you’re doing something for someone. 2:10 Not only for yourself. 2:11 So that’s a great moment! 2:13 So how do people get involved? 2:15 How do people sign up? 2:16 It is very simple. 2:17 You just type on your keyboard 2:20 So, Q U P I . COM 2:23 Go on our website, there’s a tab QUESTION BANK. 2:26 Go there. 2:27 Sign up. 2:28 It is free for another two months. 2:31 And check our question bank. 2:32 Cool! 2:33 I look forward to checking it out – 2:34 Thank you for your time, Damian. 2:35 Thanks, Nathan. 2:36 Happy to hear about it.

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