Everything You Need to Know About the USMLE

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Every country has a body that has the jurisdiction to grant a practicing license in the field of medicine and USMLE is that body in the United States. In the US, every State has a licensing body that is regulated by the United Sates Medical Licensing Examination. Licensing …
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MCQ – a Multiple Choice Questions Test

An Overlap Of Multiple Choice Questions Test As the name suggests, it is known as an MCQ test because it requires that the students chose from a wide variety of answers. Sometimes, the MCQ tests involved are not even questions but the variety of choices is still provided. Advantages of the MCQ test Though quite …
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7 Tips to Study and solve Medical Questions Easily

All med students face early in their career the issue of studying effectively. To give you some guidance, we have prepared the 7 tips to study and solve medical questions easily. We hope this information is useful on your journey of studying medicine.   7. Get a hand on Medical Questions on old Tests Practicing …
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Medical Quiz Questions and Answers

Whether you have medical exams at your faculty, preparing for the USMLE, or just studying a medical topic for the first time, practicing using medical quiz questions and answers will be of a big help for you to master any topic you study and to get the best results possible.   One of the top …
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Time Management for Med Students: Hows & Whys

Everyone gives us advice on how to study, but it doesn’t always work because we are all unique individuals and what works for some students may not work for others. When it comes to medicine, it would be wise to ask advice from your peers studying in more advanced years—and that’s what I did to …
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