Time Management for Med Students: Hows & Whys

Everyone gives us advice on how to study, but it doesn’t always work because we are all unique individuals and what works for some students may not work for others. When it comes to medicine, it would be wise to ask advice from your peers studying in more advanced years—and that’s what I did to …
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study aid to master medical school

Which study aids you should use to help master medical school?

Studying in medical school is what I call “an inexact science” Although the concepts you will learn are backed by evidence-based studies, the way in which they should be gone through is still trial and error. Due to the bunch of information students of the medical school are exposed to, they are prone to cram material …
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Young Doctor - 5 Tips for New Medical Students

5 Tips for New Medical Students

What advice could I possibly give to fresh students of medicine? I mean, I didn’t go for medical studies (and don’t plan to do so, to be honest). However, I hold a translation diploma and I’m currently studying a master in communication. Thus, I believe you guys will find this article useful and if so, …
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woman jumping from a tree

5 Reasons to Study Medicine Abroad

You decided to study medicine, that’s great! However, studying medicine is challenging anywhere (at least that’s what I’ve heard) so, why don’t you do it in another country by considering all the additional benefits it brings?   If you are not yet convinced whether or not leaving everything behind and flying out to get your …
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Question banks comparision by Luis Plazas

What Really are Question Banks?

When it comes to medical question banks, there are many options you can find on the net However, you should be aware of some pros and cons before choosing one as it might influence your performance as a student of medicine. Here you have a review of a few question banks available for you all …
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