lifesaving apple watch

The Lifesaving Apple Watch and Its Significance for Medical Students

Early in May 2018, CBS News told the story of Deanna Recktenwald. Deanna lived the life of a healthy teenage girl. Being a passionate athlete, she used her Apple Watch to track her heartbeat while she played sports. The function ran in the background while she was at home, but naturally she seldom felt the …
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QUPI Dissection Kit 1

Pssst… Are You Ready for QUPI 2.0?

We get it: medical school is hard. You have so much to learn in such a short time, and the pressure to pass exams and stay ahead of your classmates can be overwhelming Medical students suffer from statistically staggering rates of depression. This sucks. The world needs more doctors, and we strongly believe that becoming …
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online medical university

Opinion: America Needs an Online Medical University

In 2015, a user on the website Quora.com asked the question: How can I become a doctor online? The answers she received were simple: you can’t. A medical student named Shikha Sharma wrote the answer with the highest number of upvotes. He begins: “Can you be a driver by reading “how to drive” articles and …
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Why We Need to Put the Joy Back into Medical Education

Doctors don’t just care for a patient’s symptoms. They provide comfort and reassurance. Patients want smart, competent doctors, but they also want happy doctors, real people who they can feel a connection to. And yet doctors and medical students suffer from staggeringly high rates of depression. The problem begins in medical school, where the high …
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Dr. Kohei Yamada to Represent QUPI at Royal Medical Society National Student Conference

Got plans in March? We’re excited and proud to announce that longtime QUPI friend Dr. Kohei Yamada will be representing us at the Royal Medical Society National Student Conference in Edinburgh! The theme of the conference is mental health.  You may know that medical students and healthcare professionals are disproportionately affected by mental health issues …
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