WATCH: QUPI and JCI Announce Their Partnership (Featuring Special Guests)

Finally, some good news: As you might have already heard, QUPI has partnered with JCI, one of the world’s leading organizations for young people, to help keep you informed and up to date as the world battles the coronavirus. They’ve made a fun little video announcing the partnership and what it means for you as …
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medical doctor

Why Medicine, Not Nursing?

Here at QUPI, our mission is to help you pass your medical school exams and become a doctor. But before you put yourself through the long, arduous and expensive process of completing medical school and your residency, it may make sense to quickly ask yourself: Why medicine, and not nursing? While doctors are the generals …
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NSC Youtube thumbnail 2

A New Chapter in Medical Education

“All good thrillers start with a bang. A gunshot. An explosion. A beautiful woman. But on the day this saga begins, I wake to the sound of a knock on the front door. Three loud thumps that rip me from an uneasy sleep. I have no friends … as far as I remember. People dislike …
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med graduation

Will I Survive Medical School?

Everyone knows that medical school is hard – but do you have what it takes to make it through? Medical school is a major commitment in terms of time, energy and of course money – most students in the US leave with six figures of debt! So before you make this commitment (or follow through, …
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University Of Oxford

Why is Medical School so Hard?

If you’re struggling with medical school or daunted by the prospect of it, then you may be reassured to learn: It’s not you! Medical school is genuinely and notoriously difficult. It is supposed to be that way. But believe it or not, it doesn’t really have to be. At least, not in the way that …
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