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Stressed and Overwhelmed at Medical School? Here are Five Tips that will Help

By J. T. Madicus Being a medical student is one of the toughest gigs there is. You need to absorb a formidable amount of information under pressure, compete with your fellow students, and meet the ever-changing demands of your professors. All of this while staying sane! I survived medical school and today, I run a …
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Easy ways to study pathology

For any aspiring student of medicine, pathology will be an essential topic during their school years. The subject, however, involves memorizing large amounts of information about diagnosing conditions and diseases. Thankfully, pathology is often found much more interesting to young medical students than pharmacology or microbiology – mainly because it deals with diseases. But just …
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Make studying behavioral science easier with these steps

Many medical school students have doubts about behavioral sciences, feeling it isn’t necessary or that it isn’t exactly “real” science. However, behavioral sciences are an extremely important branch of medicine, especially related to psychology, psychobiology, and even neurology. Understanding the importance of behavioral science as an interdisciplinary subject may help you find the motivation for …
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How to get better at studying neurology

No matter where you are studying, if you are at a medical school – neurology will definitely be a part of your curriculum. All around the world, aspiring medical students need to learn about the anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology of the nervous system. This part of the course is usually before the clinical segment, …
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Tips for studying microbiology

If there is one aspect of medical studies that is unchanging around the world, it is the hatred of microbiology – every medical student knows the pain of having to learn everything about the smallest of organisms, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. However, even though it may be annoying to memorize, microbiology is a very …
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