Sleep Deprivation Versus Your Memory

(Why Studying Late May Not Be Such a Good Idea After All!) During frantic conversations throughout exam times, it can seem that a lot of students simply equate the number of hours you study with your chances of success. The more hours you spend in the library memorizing cellular processes and microbiological functions, the more …
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Why Happy Medical Students Get Better Grades

No one enters medical school thinking it’s gonna be an easy ride! No matter how smart you are, learning everything that you need to know in order to become a doctor and practice medicine is a huge undertaking. One day you’ll be making life and death decisions about real people, often in very high pressure …
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NYU Is Offering Free Medical Tuition – Here’s Why The Rest of Us Shouldn’t Celebrate

Recently New York University’s decision to offer free medical tuition to all of its medical students went viral. Covering up to $55,018 of fees a year, this scholarship applies not just to incoming medical students, but to existing students as well, many of whom will have their loans refunded. This is exciting news for NYU …
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Why American Doctors Are Quitting

As the US heads inexorably towards a doctor shortage of catastrophic proportions, the last thing the country can afford is for experienced and established physicians to quit their jobs early. However, NBC News have reported that this is exactly what is happening. Limited residencies, increased desirability of competing jobs, and suffocating bureaucracy have combined to …
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What Is the Interstitium_

A New Organ Has Been Discovered – Everything You Want to Know About the Interstitium

  Sometimes, studying medicine can feel like you’re merely a living sponge, soaking up information that is already well established and known. Textbooks are a good metaphor – heavy, often dated tomes that present facts which appear permanent and never changing. Sure, we haven’t yet cured cancer or the common cold, but for the most …
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