Top 7 Medical Podcasts

Top 7 Medical Podcasts

Many medical students desperately search for anything that might help them with their studies. Innovative learning techniques, questionable guides to medical studies, and more and more textbooks. There is, however, another medium available for those students, about which many of them don’t have a clue – podcasts! While the internet has been used by students for quite some time now to facilitate studying, not many students are using podcasts to their advantage. While a lot of aspiring medical students watch videos on YouTube, many of which are really helpful and informative, podcasts are just as good if not better!

Podcasts are nothing new, but they have only recently been gaining much popularity. You can find podcasts about anything – including medicine! There are many fascinating medicine-focused podcasts, run by either medical postgraduates or doctors. To make your life easier, we have prepared a list of some of the best medical podcasts not only for students, but also for healthcare professionals. With these podcasts, you can find the latest news from the medical world, as well as inspiring stories and interesting theories!

The Short Coat Podcast

The Short Coat Podcast is one of the most recognizable and renowned medical podcasts out there. It is run by the medical students at the University of Iowa along with Dave Etler – an Administrative Services Coordinator at the university. This podcast is dedicated especially towards medical students and those who are thinking about becoming medical students. The students at the University of Iowa give their listeners valuable insight into how a medical school looks from the inside. You can hear interesting takes on mental illnesses related to studying, especially at a med school, and how not to sacrifice all of your interests and free time in order to be successful

The Undifferentiated Medical Student

If you can’t decide how to proceed with your medical studies, The Undifferentiated Medical Student is a perfect podcast for you. During the podcast, you will learn how to choose a medical specialty during your studies. Choosing a specialty is always a huge responsibility and many students are struggling with the choice. This podcast will help you with this, giving you ideas and factors you should consider before making the choice.

The podcast can also be incredibly helpful for those unsure about their future careers, as Ian Drummond – a 4th-year medical student – tries to help lost medical students choosing the right path for their careers. The Undifferentiated Medical Student also features renowned physicians and specialists who share their insight and knowledge with the audience.

Surviving Medicine

If you’re interested in the medical industry and the day-to-day struggles of the physicians, Surviving Medicine is a great podcast for you. While not directly dedicated to students, the podcast was founded by a group of residents, physicians, and students, in order to discuss the state of the healthcare industry in the present day and in the future. The podcast often features guests and interviews with renowned figures from the healthcare industry, including medical professionals and entrepreneurs. A good podcast to listen if you are interested in establishing your own company someday.

TEDTalks: Science and Medicine

Everybody knows TED. The website features a broad range of topics, from art to astrophysics. These topics also include medicine, as some of the world’s greatest medical scientists, researchers, and doctors share their newest inventions and discoveries. The podcast is available for free, along with videos with transcripts and subtitles in over 80 languages. While this podcast is much more formal than some of the other ones, it also hosts personas from the industry that other podcasts can only dream of inviting.

Docs Outside the Box

If you’re looking for something fresh and new, Docs Outside the Box is the podcast for you! Dr. Nii Darko, the host of the show, looks at all the newest cutting-edge innovations proposed by doctors around the world. With frequent interviews with some of the most cunning minds of the industry, Docs Outside the Box shows what the textbooks won’t tell you. A perfect podcast if you’re looking for inspiration – the podcast revolves mostly around ordinary physicians doing unbelievable things.

2 Docs Talk

A short and concise podcast where two renowned doctors – Dr. Kendall Britt and Dr. Amy Rogers – talk about the newest issues in medicine and health policy. The two doctors often tackle current concerns in the healthcare industry and compare them with available medical evidence to find the best solution. They also care deeply about the patient-doctor relationship and strive to educate both the doctors and the patients on how to stay civil and polite during checkups.

Second Opinion

If you’re intrigued about ethical issues in the field of medicine, Second Opinion is definitely a podcast for you. The podcast is hosted by a Professor of Medicine, Dr. Michael Wilkes, who is also the Vice Dean for Medical Education at the University of California, Davis. During the podcast, you will hear discussions of various ethical problems that doctors face every day, with the host’s honest opinion about each one.

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