Practice Mcat Questions: 4 Tips for Physics

Practice Mcat Questions: 4 Tips for Physics

The Mcat is a turning point in every medical student’s life, it seems like the ultimate goal, the final destination of all those long years of study. Everything will fall into place after this one test. We understand why this test is of critical importance, however, it isn’t easy either. This test attempts to test almost every aspect of your past academics, even physics. Yes, for most medical students, physics and math were never welcome.

Still, you need a good understanding of these subjects to get a good grade. On top of this, the pattern of the questions changes every few years, making it extremely difficult to follow. No matter how hard you try and practice Mcat questions, some of the new questions will hinder you and you end up with head in your hands. You don’t need to worry, here are 4 tips that will help you understand the pattern and solve the new Mcat physics questions.


The new questions seem to have shifted towards integration. Now, the physics concepts are tested with relation to living systems. A practical example is created for you and you are asked to solve the problem. Many students who practice Mcat questions know that the new trends don’t ask questions similar to the past years. However, the concepts are same. Hence, for a good grade, you need to understand the concepts behind all those equations.

Passage structure

Usually, physics questions are short and require to the point answers. However, as the trend has changed, more and more questions have increased their passage length in order to explain a scenario better. These questions assess your understanding of the problem and target the core concepts. Hence, it’s a good idea to practice Mcat questions that are passage based as this is the new format of these questions.

Time management

As the new quota of questions will disperse your time, it’s important to divide your time accordingly. Set out a specific time period for the passage-based question and try to recover the lost time with the other, not-so-long questions. Once you practice Mcat questions frequently, you will familiarize yourself with the technique and will easily adapt to this manner of attempting the paper.

Certain topics have been removed

Much to the delight of students, certain questions and concepts have been deleted from the paper. For example, there is no sign of the Newtonian mechanic’s concepts. Momentum has been dropped and gravity is also tested less than usual. Also, periodic motion and wave characteristics have also been removed from the paper. The section on electricity has also been altered and you don’t need to learn the alternating current as thoroughly as was the custom.

Clearly, all these changes represent significant differences in the physics section of Mcat. You can notice all these changes firsthand if you practice Mcat questions by yourself. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the trends of the medical admission paper as it is your key to the college that you have dreamed off!

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